We all woke up with the same video

This is my guess, as to what was going on.

31 oktober 2020 Yesterday I decided to watch one last item on YouTube before going to sleep. I do this quite often and I know by experience that in most cases I won’t reach the end of the video. Therefore I always set my sleep timer for 30 minutes to avoid that my dreams are disturbed by what is still playing. A 30 minutes setting meant that YouTube could start another item after reaching the end of the one of my choice, since the film I watched only lasted 13 minutes. As we know, YouTube often shows us something which is in line with the subject we choose. This is what I went to bed with:

I don’t know exactly at what time I fell asleep but it must have been before the new movie started. My timer worked properly. As I woke up later in the night I discovered that the video chosen for me, contained indeed a comparable subject. This is the video which was started after I had fallen asleep.

It may be of the same kind as the one I was watching voluntarely, but it’s a weird choice nonetheless. Later on I might write about the content. What was most remarkable though, was that many other YouTube users talked about having the same experience. Almost all the comments were about waking up with this very video. The comments are in fact what made the video most interesting. I read:

‘It’s scary how many people fell asleep with a totally different genre of video playing, to then wake up to this…’.

From the reactions on this comment, I assume that the previous videos of people’s own choice were indeed not always related.

‘I was watching a japanese commercial for pudding, slept on it, and when I woke up, BAMN physics.’
‘I fell asleep to Origami tutorials. Woke up to this.’
‘I fell asleep watching Angry Videogame Nerd.’
‘I was watching some Shadow of Mordor videos. Why did I wake up to THIS?’

Of course, speculation about what was going on here, was also shared:

‘It’s just the algorithm’s AI telling us the story of its birth. It’s proud to exist and wants to share.’

‘All of the people who fell asleep watching other things and waking up to this: WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES’

‘Educating people while they sleep, thank you YouTube for helping to clear up the infestation of flat earthers that you yourself caused.’

‘You know what’s interesting about this: I fell asleep and in my dream I heard the commentary. So it’s like this information is now embedded into my subconscious. For which I am grateful. There might be something great about these YouTube algorithms.’

‘This ain’t natural. I woke up to this too. Something is wrong here. Let me find out. YouTube got an agenda.’

‘I really hope this influenced my dreams or subconscious somehow. All hail to the mighty autoplay algorithm.’

‘Seems that our subconcious mind while sleeping has influenced youtube algorithm and brought us all here.’

What was to expect, happened: many people started to come up with farfetched explanations, of which some were leaning towards conspiracy theories. How could it otherwise be that so many people had landed in this follow-up movie?

Here is my purely rational suggestion. I think it had to do with a certain algorithm containing the following rule:

If, in the preceding video, the viewer does not interrupt the commercial, start this particular video.

While we’re awake, most of us will skip the adds, I guess, to continue watching what we’re watching. But since we had all fallen asleep, the algorithm detected our inactivity. The video was probably pre-programmed for this difference in our behavior. It was designed to single out the sleepers. Hence the many comments, sharing the same experience.

I don’t think there is a super brain behind that. In any case, not a YouTube plot to influence us unconsciously. Some people with a great enthusiasm for quantum mechanics (and a reasonable understanding of programming) just wanted us to see their video.

Commercial breaks are annoying but you always get them as part of the viewing experience. If there is one force at work to which we are all unsolicited slaves, it is commerce. This has nothing supernatural in it, but on the contrary something very banal. Just to say a thing about the content of this video: there is no interruption whatsoever due to advertising.

If something should be labeled suspicious, then maybe that!