On the one hand…but on the other…

Conflict of interest? Decision paralysis? Torn between two options? Mixed feelings perhaps? Well, I’m afraid to say that my internal struggle rather indicates a disorder, the kind of discomfort that, some time ago, was less euphemistically called a disease. Don’t worry, these serious mood swings mainly manifested themselves in relation to a hobby project, that I considered very important.

On the one hand there was the idea to turn “cum suis” into a platform for collaborative writing projects. Hence the name of my publishing house. After all, “cum suis” means ‘with his own people’. The choice for org as the extention of the eponymous site also related to this. Rather than being commercial, cumsuis.org had to present itself as a stage for collective interests and pursuits.

On the other hand I couldn’t fool myself. I always seemed to be in one of two opposing moods. Both were quite decisive. None of them focused on collaboration. One condition paralyzed me, the other heralded a hypomanic episode. That’s why my attempts to join forces did not achieve much. I do everything on my own now. I guess, that’s just the way it is.

I regret to say that the name for my company was badly chosen for more than one reason. “Cum Suis” is similar to “et al.” which is also used in scholarly works. “Et al.” means “and others.” While “cum suis” and “et al.” have slightly different meanings, they are both used in citations of academic writing to indicate that there are multiple authors of a work and not all of them are being listed.

The Latin phrase “et al.” has been used in academic writing for many centuries, and it has become a standard shorthand for indicating that there are multiple authors of a work. It is widely recognized and understood in academic circles, and it is commonly used in English-language journals, books, and other scholarly publications.

“Cum Suis” is not as commonly used in English-language academic writing. While it may be recognized by scholars who are familiar with Latin or Romance languages, it is not as widely understood as “et al.” In addition, some scholars may consider it somewhat archaic or obscure, which could limit its use in modern academic writing.

Overall, the choice between “et al.” and “cum suis” may depend on the particular academic field, the audience for the writing, and the preferences of the author or publisher. However, “et al.” is generally considered the more standard and widely accepted option in English-language academic writing.

But whether it is a commonly used term or not, “cum suis” is not well-suited for my company based on my personal situation, as I indicated earlier. While the name may have initially seemed appropriate, it’s important to prioritize my own well-being and make changes when necessary. To be honest, I’m in no hurry with name changes. There are many things on my ‘to do list’ that have a higher priority.

Meanwhile, I must acknowledge that bipolar disorder can have a significant impact on my ability to work collaboratively or to rely on others for support. Bipolar disorder can cause significant shifts in mood, energy, and motivation, which can make it challenging to work with others on a consistent basis.

Maybe it’s important to seek support and treatment as needed. Although there may be mental health professionals and others who could offer support, I prefer to prioritize self-care and self-compassion in all aspects of life. Therefore – just like in my sole proprietorship regarding “cum suis” – I am hesitant to rely on or be cooperative with others in this regard.

In terms of changing the name of a company, one might want to consider selecting a name that reflects individual strengths and values. This could be something that highlights independence, creativity, or perseverance in the face of challenges. It is important, I presume, to choose a name that feels authentic and that one can be proud of as one continues to build his business.

But: what does a name really matter, and more importantly: can a narcissist and/or egomaniac – just to touch on another character issue – ever come up with a good company name? Maybe I could change it to “Just Me, Myself, and I, Inc.” or alternatively, could go with something like “Lone Wolf Enterprises” or “One-Man Band Co.”

Either way, it’s clear that I’m the star of the show and the one-person army (on the earthly battlefield) running the whole operation. So don’t worry, the right name will come to me eventually! I’ll just wait for the universe to drop the perfect name in my lap like a gift from the heavens. No pressure at all! Some alien techies up there are on my side, I’m sure.